Host Might an official partner of .Top domains

We are letting you know that Host Might an official partner of .Top domains ,  You can check all partner list : We are the very first, .TOP domains Partner located in Bangladesh.

.TOP domain – Low price 99 BDT

Why Choose A .Top Domain?

Perfect meaning

In almost any industry, it’s the top names that are more often remembered and spoken of. So as a company brand, a domain name not only had better be short, easy to remember, but attractive and exceptional. The upbeat meaning of .top tells people and reminds you to be confident, positive, always to go for the best and reach the top.

Global popularity

There are 10 billion search results of “top” in Google. And as of now, .top is the most bought new gTLD in the world, 2.8 million number of registrations in all, with customers from over 240 countries and regions. An average of 10 thousand .top domains are registered each day. Top is a simple English word, so nearly everyone understands it without difficulty no matter what language he or she speaks.

Chosen by big brands

Customers of .top never are lack of big brands, for example, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Chanel, Google, Lego, Yahoo and more, all have their brands registered in .top.

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